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App-Maker allows you to create your own mobile app in a few simple steps. How?

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Create your app with one click for iOS and Android devices.

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Create your own customized content flow using different interactive building blocks and change your content at anytime online.

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Inform your users instantly with only one click when new content is available. Even if the app is not currently open.

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Sie erhalten eine vollumfängliche Mobile App welche im original Native-Code der gewählten Betriebssysteme erstellt worden ist.

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Or contact us if you prefer that our team of specialized designers takes care of it.

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App-Maker: Your own app in 3 simple steps!

Simplicitylikeable software

App-Maker is very simple to use. The user interface is intuitive and allows users to realise their own vision of the app and it requires no programming knowledge. Your own app. You are going to love it!

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Cloud Storage Access anywhere

Manage your data from anywhere. Our servers have a guaranteed uptime of 99%. All you need is internet connectivity and a browser of your choice.

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Encryption using SSL

Your data is save with us. Data communication between the client and our servers as well as the mobile devices are encrypted.

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Multi-PlatformOne app, multiple devices

One click enables you to deploy your app for iOS and Android devices. Manage all your content for all platforms comfortably in one place:

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Push notificationsreal-time messages

Inform your users when new content is available in your app. Compose centrally managed notification messages and send them directly to the users' displays, even when they don't have the app active at that moment.

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Content moduleYour texts and images

Build your customized content using building blocks for text, links, images and more. At any time you may update your content and it will be reflected on the user's app as soon as the device has access to the internet.

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Extensible Your custom requirements

In case you have special requirements for a project that cannot be realised using the current app-maker modules, feel free to contact us so we can find a solution together by adding the features that you need.

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All-inclusive service Sit back and relax

We will take care of all the work that is involved in getting your app approved and published in stores without any additional costs.

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Safe data Daily backups

Spend your time doing productive things and stop worrying about time-consuming backups. If for example you accidentally delete some of your data simply drop us a line and we will restore your data within minutes.

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